This website was created by Public Counsel as a free resource for students struggling with debt from for-profit college loans. If you were lied to about the school you enrolled in, you are entitled to have your debt forgiven.

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About Corinthian Colleges

Corinthian ran multiple for-profit schools, including Everest, Wyotech and Heal, until they were forced to close in 2015. While they were active, they routinely misled potential students about their employment prospects as graduates, advertised classes that they did not offer, and pushed students to take out loans that Corinthian profited from without disclosing this fact. These students were left in crippling debt, while their degrees ended up being useless for finding better jobs than they could have before attending.

Hear From Other Students

Know Before You Go

If someone you know is considering enrolling in a for-profit school, here are some red flags to watch out for before they enroll. These may indicate that the school is more interested in student aid dollars than in their education.

  • High default rates (above 10%)
  • Low graduation rates (compared to similar programs)
  • Credits that aren't accepted when transferring to another school
  • Lacking accreditation
  • High pressure to enroll as soon as possible
  • Vague or evasive responses to request for more information
  • Encouraging you to lie on financial aid applications.